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Discover Our Sports Simulators

No other bar in town is able to fit so many sports under the same roof, and with our state-of-the-art picture-real sports simulations you are able to get an adrenaline-filled experience that’s arguably better than the real thing. We combine all your favorite aspects of the sporting world – choice of game, a variety of settings, comprehensive analytics reports to help you hone your skill – with all your favorite aspects of a night out – excellent ambiance, delicious fare from our in-house grill, and happy hour specials that keep you coming back for more.

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Orlando Indoor Golf Simulators

Among all of our sports simulators, golf is most popular choice. Practice your long-distance drives or polish up your short game with a round of mini golf. Play just for fun or use the simulator’s objective feedback to make those microscopic adjustments that make all the difference to your overall performance.
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Orlando Indoor Soccer Simulators

Play the world’s favorite sport as you practice against simulated goal keepers and defenders. You can even challenge a friend to see who can make the hardest shot.
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Orlando Indoor Football Simulators

Choose between our quarterback or field goal challenge to help put your football skills to the test. Whether you’re a quarterback at heart or prefer to practice your precision kicking, get the boys together and challenge each other to a football game unlike any other.
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Orlando Indoor Hockey Simulators

Shoot against life-size goalies in life-size nets as you practice your on-ice skills from the comfort (and warmth) of our hockey simulator. Shoot targets, adjust difficulty levels, select from 6 different goalies and experience your own Mighty Duck moment.
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Orlando Indoor Baseball Simulators

Better than a batting cage, at Tomkos we offer you a state-of-the-art experience, complete with HD 3D renderings as well as data-driven analysis and feedback to help you hone your technique or simply win a bet with one of your drinking buddies.
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Orlando Indoor Basketball Simulators

Whether you’re playing for fun or to hone your skills, our NBA basketball simulator offers a variety of special features that will keep the game fast paced and interesting.
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Sports Simulators, Friends, and Cold Drinks

Our Orlando sports simulators are rented in half-hour increments and can be reserved in advance by phone. Prices vary according to sport and simulation type. The Dewey’s Membership Card provides a range of exclusive benefits and discounts that are applicable throughout the week and offer special access to all of our services – from drink specials at the bar to unbeatable prices on our indoor golf simulator and all other available sports simulations.

Are you planning to stop by with the family or someone who is not a sports enthusiast? No problem! Our facility is carefully designed to keep everyone entertained. We offer Zombie Dodgeball and Carniville simulators as well as a fully equipped billiards room, basketball court, classic American fare, and unbeatable drinks to keep you well hydrated even when you’re on the sidelines.