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Whether you’re an athlete yourself or simply a fan of the game, our hockey simulator offers you the opportunity to try out your ice hockey skills from the warmth of Tomkos Tavern. Grab onto a hockey stick and step into a world-class simulation. Our carefully positioned cameras and sensors will pick up on your every motion, providing you with a real-time 3D projection that makes every pass and maneuver truly come alive.

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Play 50+ Different Simulated Hockey Courses

You’ll shoot against life-size goalies in life-size nets with high definition simulation renderings that provide a vivid experience. Select from six different goalies and two different arena settings, allowing you to change the landscape every time you step into the simulation. Put your skills to the test against goalies of all levels – from easy to pro. Or, focus on perfecting your technique by shooting at targets to test for speed and accuracy.

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Sports Simulators, Friends, and Cold Drinks

Our Orlando sports simulators are rented in half-hour increments and can be reserved in advance by phone. Prices vary according to sport and simulation type. The Dewey’s Membership Card provides a range of exclusive benefits and discounts that are applicable throughout the week and offer special access to all of our services – from drink specials at the bar to unbeatable prices on our indoor golf simulator and all other available sports simulations.

Are you planning to stop by with the family or someone who is not a sports enthusiast? No problem! Our facility is carefully designed to keep everyone entertained. We offer Zombie Dodgeball and Carniville simulators as well as a fully equipped billiards room, basketball court, classic American fare, and unbeatable drinks to keep you well hydrated even when you’re on the sidelines.