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With so many options for where to go and things to do in Orlando, nailing down nightly plans can become somewhat of an exhausting exercise. Far too often, people settle for the same old hangouts or they throw in the towel and spend the night with the television remote. At Tomkos Tavern we are committed to rewriting the possibilities for a night – or morning, or afternoon – out. Whether you come with the kids, the coworkers, or the posse of friends we promise to deliver something far more entertaining than the same-old-same-old.

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As the premier sports simulation bar we set the bar high for things to do in Orlando. Our facility combines the best in restaurant fare, drink specials, comfortable ambiance, and state-of-the-art entertainment. It’s an environment that invites you to enjoy great conversation and a little sportsmanly competition that’s suitable for all ages. Aside from our wide range of sports simulations – which includes golf, hockey, basketball, football, baseball and beyond – we also offer a handful of creative games that are sure to inspire playfulness in adults and children alike.

Just take a look at some of our family-friendly favorites:


  • Advanced sports simulators that put you in the game
  • Golf simulators that let you play a full 18 holes indoors
  • Private simulators for just you and your friends
  • Hockey, Basketball, Soccer, and more available


  • For kids of all ages, it’s just you and a ball against an army of invading zombies
  • Knock them down before they can read the fence, and freedom
  • Play in 5 exciting and creepy environments
  • See your performance after every game


  • Go back to the midway with ball throwing games to pop balloons, knock down a stack of bottles, or break plates
  • A high score unlocks the “Dunk the Clown” round
  • Soak the clowns by knocking them off their platforms and into the dunk tank

If you’ve been searching for things to do Orlando, why not treat yourself to something truly fun and exciting? Try your luck at Zombie Dodgeball, enjoy a simulated carnival game, practice your favorite sport, or simply take advantage of our fantastic bar and grill. Whether you’re looking for practice time or playtime, we guarantee that Tomkos Tavern is the thing to do in Orlando.